Benefits of the Program

Students benefit by:

  1. Receiving the support and guidance of a caring adult.
  2. Receiving assistance with academic endeavors.
  3. Experiencing greater self-esteem and motivation to succeed.
  4. Receiving encouragement to stay in school and graduate.
  5. Receiving encouragement to avoid the use of drugs and alcohol.
  6. Improving interpersonal relationships, such as with teachers and family.
  7. Receiving assistance in choosing a career path.

Adult mentors benefit by:

  1. Increasing their involvement in the community.
  2. Recognizing they can make a difference.
  3. Making a new friend.
  4. Gaining new experience and knowledge about youth and the community’s schools.
  5. Contribute to the quality of the future workforce.

Business and Organizations benefit by:

  1. Fostering good community relations.
  2. Contributing to the quality of the future workforce.
  3. Improving employee morale.
  4. Enhancing employee skills.

Schools benefit by:

  1. Improving student performance.
  2. Improving student attendance.
  3. Increasing student retention.