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Available Services

We provide educators with a full range of printing services and many paper choices. Details are on the following work order forms.

Work Order Forms:

Black Ink Work Order

Color Ink and Large Format Printing Work Order

Comb Binding and Lamination Work Order

To determine date needed on an order form, please refer to the processing time PDF.

Work orders arrive daily by truck from all DCSD schools and buildings. Please use the DCSD trucking service for all your delivery needs.

Going Green

  • White paper is the “greenest” choice.
  • Request back-to-back copying whenever possible.
  • Return empty boxes to the Print Center to use for future orders. Place them where the truckers make deliveries.

Contacting Us

Email is the most effective way to contact us:

Please use this email in the following cases:

  1. Any internet communication dealing with work orders.
  2. If you have questions these webpages cannot answer.To check the status of an order after the processing time has expired. If possible, scan your pink copy and send it to us as an attachment or include all information marked on the pink copy of the work order form.
  3. We check email three times per day.

Ann Kelly
Print Center Supervisor

Sue Dix
Machine Operator

7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.