A series of locks were all that stood between Hempstead High School biology students and the antidote to zombie virus unleashed by an evil doctor. (Fictionally, of course!)

The antidote sat in an unassuming series of locked boxes in the classroom. The students’ goal? Work together to uncover the clues about viruses that led them to unlocking the antidote.

The lesson in the classroom of teachers Ed Bauer and Hanna Koerperich was a creative way to engage students in their upcoming unit about viruses. The hunt required students to use their science and problem-solving skills to solve the clues.

Across the district, the “Breakout Boxes” used in the virus class are flexible tools for delivering instruction in a creative way. Teachers can access pre-planned lessons in a variety of subject areas or they can create their own challenges.

At Hempstead, Librarian Katie Houselog and Technology Coach Megan Lahey helped the teachers organize the virus lesson and they also works with teachers throughout the school to utilize boxes. From Newton’s Law to zombie viruses, uses of the boxes are variety and engaging.

And, case you are wondering, the students saved the day! The antidote was unlocked and the zombie virus was eradicated.

Check out photos of the class below:

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