The ensure that projects with more than one document on a sheet are set up to trim properly, the following templates are available for you in Microsoft Publisher (PUB) format.

To download a file, click on the corresponding link below. BE SURE TO DESIGN YOUR PROJECT WITHIN THE DOCUMENTS MARGINS. Then, either print your document to submit to the Print Center or save it as a .pdf file and submit to forumprintcenter@dbqschools.org with a completed order form also attached.

2-up Portrait (PUB) 2-up Landscape (PUB)
TEMPLATE-2-up-portrait TEMPLATE-2-up-landscape
4-up Portrait Bookmarks (PUB) 4-up Landscape Bookmarks (PUB)
TEMPLATE-4-up-portrait-bookmarks TEMPLATE-4-up-landscape-bookmarks
4-up Portrait Quadrants (PUB) 4-up Landscape Quadrants (PUB)
TEMPLATE-8-up-portrait TEMPLATE-4-up-landscape-quadrants
6-up Portrait (PUB) 6-up Landscape (PUB)
TEMPLATE-6-up-portrait TEMPLATE-6-up-landscape
8-up Portrait (PUB)  8-up Landscape (PUB)
TEMPLATE-4-up-portrait-quadrants TEMPLATE-8-up-landscape
9-up Portrait (PUB)  9-up Landscape (PUB)
TEMPLATE-9-up-portrait TEMPLATE-9-up-landscape