General Questions

Where can I get work-order forms?

School offices are supplied with all three work-order forms. Email for additional forms. Remember to specify which work-order form(s) you need.

I have a book that is too thick to staple and I don’t want to pay to have it comb bound, what can I do

Many educators choose to divide the book into sections, chapters, etc. in order to avoid comb-binding charges.

What does not collated mean?

Not collated means like sheets are grouped and separated by a divider sheet.

Example: If you want 25 copies of 10 originals and mark not collated on the work-order form, you will receive 25 copies of the first page grouped, 25 copies of the second page grouped, 25 copies of the third page grouped, etc. with a divider sheet between each group for easy sorting.

To save paperwork, put like orders together and mark not collated on the work-order form.

Example: If you have 12 originals (for any subject) and you want 30 copies of each original on green paper and 3-hole punched, fill out one work-order form and mark not collated. You will receive 12 groups of copies with divider sheets between them.

What does collated mean?

Collated means the originals will be printed in consecutive order over and over.

Example: If you want 25 copies of 10 originals and mark collate on the work-order form, you will receive 25 sets of pages 1-10. Stapled and bound books, packets, newsletters, etc. are examples of collated jobs. Jobs don’t have to be stapled or bound to be collated.

How should my originals be arranged?

Single-sided originals need to be in the correct order with the printed side face up. Two-sided originals need to be in the order you want them copied.

How do my work orders get to the Print Center?

Work-orders are to be dropped off at the designated area in your building so they can be approved by the principal. Office staff will place all work-orders in a courier envelope and send it to the Print Center on a daily basis. Orders received in the courier envelopes will be retrieved and processed prior to orders sent in regular envelopes.

How should I send in my originals when I mark both sides on the work-order form?

Originals should be sent in the order you want them copied. Page 1 and 2 will be printed back-to-back; page 3 and 4 will be printed back-to-back, etc. If you have a 10-page document and some pages are to be printed one-sided and some printed both sides, put a blank page after the sheet(s) you want one-sided. Do not paper clip the sheets together, the copier will print them back-to-back in the order you send them.

Note: You only need to complete one work-order form when you select the same job details, color/kind of paper, and number of copies for multiple (same subject or different subject) sheets. A divider sheet will be placed between each group.

What information do you need when I want to check the status of an order?

The information should include everything marked on the pink copy of the work order form. Be sure to mention any other details such as comb binding, lamination, or special instructions when sending an e-mail or leaving a voicemail message about your order. If possible, you may also scan a copy of your pink sheet and send it as an attachment to

If I want a large book order done in a short amount of time, how should I set up my order?

Orders run faster in the copier when you choose stapling and use one paper color for the inside of a book.

What makes an order late?

  • Order was received past the date needed.
  • Order had to be sent back so the work-order form could be completed.
  • Order had to be sent back because originals were not copy ready.
  • A long order or an order with many steps was sent in without enough time to complete by the date needed.
  • Your order was misrouted at the Print Center or in your school building. Check with your school office and staff for any work orders that do not belong to them. Have them check within the stacks of orders, not just the top. Please direct any misrouted work orders to the right location.

What are your padding guidelines?

  • Handouts should not be padded.
  • Booklets or collated sheets should be stapled rather than padded.
  • Customized notepads, with student names and/or pictures on them, seem not to be critical to the educational process and should be limited.
  • Special occasion pads such as those produced for Christmas gifts, Valentine’s day gifts, Mother’s/Father’s day gifts, etc. again appear not to be critical to the educational process and should be limited.
  • Pads where the glue side is less than 4.25” long cannot be processed.

Does the Print Center keep a file of originals?

No, originals are not kept on file in the Print Center. Originals must be submitted with the work-order form.

Can additional information be printed on preprinted paper?

No, we cannot print on pre-printed paper.

Do you do printing for fundraisers?

All fundraising printing must meet Dubuque Community School District guidelines. An Event Materials Distribution form (available at the Forum), needs to be filled out and approved by the superintendent’s office. Distribution directions must be followed.

Can you print on construction paper?

No, our copiers do not print on construction paper.

Can reams of paper be ordered from the Print Center for my use?

No, the Print Center does not supply blank paper. You need to order paper through your school.

How do I send specialty paper to you if I want to use a paper you do not provide

You may send the paper with the order. Be sure it is in like-new condition. Sealed reams are best.